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My electronic design solutions make interior design accessible to all, meaning professionally designed interiors for less. I’ve worked with numerous clients around the world to develop e-design solutions which they then implement themselves. It’s essentially a step-by-step guide to obtain a curated interior. This option is particularly suited to first time home buyers, young executives, and the budget conscious. Working across continents to achieve a cost effective interior, has never been so easy. After an initial in-depth online consultation, you'll receive an e-design pack containing:

  • An electronic mood board with the recommended design philosophy that reflects your personal design style;

  • Floor plan and furniture layout- showing you where to place furniture items, to ensure the most effective use of the space, based on your behavioural patterns and lifestyle;

  •  Product specification list - detailing everything you will need to create your space. All products will be sourced from suppliers accessible to you, and within your budget.  Once completed, the process of doing it yourself gives you the satisfaction of sitting back and relaxing in your new space, while feeling super proud of what you have achieved. 



Product specification 

Floor plan & furniture layout  

e-mood board  

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