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In the initial stages of the design process, we’ll work together to define your personal design style, while taking into consideration your lifestyle and behavioural patterns. By analysing how you live and function on a daily basis, I'll provide floor plans and furniture layout solutions that ensure you’re using the spaces in your home most effectively.  My understanding of colour, eye for detail and inspiring styling skills ensure the careful selection of finishes, lighting and soft furnishing are all chosen to enhance your well-being. As my approach is grounded in the principles of holistic interior design, I will never allocate budget spend on frivolous items or make any unnecessary recommendations based on aesthetics alone. The design process of a project typically includes the following:

Space Planning- your home should be a space free from the stressors of everyday life. Space planning is the most important step in ensuring your home functions according to your lifestyle and needs. I work with all my clients to establish an understanding of their behavioural patterns in order to develop floor plans that map to their life. By doing this, I identify what works well within a space that can be maximised on, and what needs improved upon to eliminate stress and frustration.

Colour Consultation- the visual world affects your senses and emotions. Every room in your home can evoke a different mood or atmosphere through the use of colour and clever lighting design. By putting trends aside, and establishing how my client wants to feel and function in a particular space, I work with them to develop a colour palette that they can emotionally connect to and live with.


Finishes selection- the hard furnishings and finishes of an interior are an important consideration as these details ensure a consistent design philosophy throughout the interior. I consult with clients to source and install products that are fit-for-purpose, sustainable, durable and timeless.



Interior decorating and styling- with a specific focus on aesthetics I assist clients in selecting décor that best tells their story. I'll source, place and style soft furnishing, objet d’art, and furniture with existing pieces, to bring interest and character to the home.  For clients who need an extra touch, my seasonal styling skills ensure an interior is warm and inviting over the festive season or for special occasions.

Space plan & furniture layout


Wall finishes selection

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Interior styling & soft furnishing


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