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 - Personal design style consultations

 - Interior design schematic    


 - Interior mood boards 

 - Floor plans & furniture layouts

 - Colour consultation

 - Finishes selection

 - Soft furnishing & furniture sourcing

 - Interior styling

 - Seasonal styling 


 - Digital interior design package

 - Online personal design style    


 - Digital interior mood boards

 - Floor plans & furniture layouts

 - Online finishes selection

 - Online soft furnishing & furniture



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I started Intelier Interiors design practice with the motivation of improving my client’s wellbeing through the principles of holistic interior design. By considering factors such as behavioural patterns, functionality of space, quality of airflow, use of natural light, colour psychology and various other holistic interior design principles, I seek to create interiors my clients can thrive in. I don’t subscribe to a “signature look”, but rather a bespoke design approach, unique to each project. I work with clients to develop their own personal style to curate a space that not only looks beautiful but which supports wellness and is optimised to their specific lifestyle. 

My love for interior design started at a very young age where I spent hours re-arranging my bedroom.  As I grew older I started to realise the positive effects of creating an environment that I could retreat to and a space that made me feel good- even when I was experiencing challenging times. That is when I first became aware of the powerful impact of interiors on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Fast forward 20 years and research clearly shows the impact of the built environnment on the occupant. This is why enhancing personal wellbeing through the implimentation of holistic interior design is the driving force behind everything I do.


Each project is ultimately a collaborative process where unique, creative design solutions are found and good design decisions are made- all in an effort to create spaces my clients feel happier and healthier in. Seeing the positive effects my work has on clients is one of the main reasons I love my job so much.


"Initially, Cate spent a lot of time with us as a couple, encouraging us to think about the house and what we really wanted from it, in hindsight that has been very important. We wish we got Intelier on board before the architect and builder as Cate's understanding of construction, human behaviour and the way a person uses a space, is excellent".

| Rowly Bourne |




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