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Good interior design, makes good business sense – I work with commercial clients to ensure organisational systems, processes and workflows meet the demands of their business. When it comes to business- I believe the long term success of an organisation is dependent on its employees, I’d even go so far as to say that the business is its employees. In this highly competitive world, it’s more important than ever to create an environment your talent can thrive in.  That’s why I work in collaboration with your team to examine business processes, workflows, corporate identity and brand image, to design solutions that go beyond efficient space planning and consider factors that impact the mental and physical well-being of staff. A holistic approach to design means fewer sick days, greater productivity and happier staff because the office is a space where they want to be. Any of the following may be individually implemented, but my approach to commercial interior design broadly encompasses these services: 

Design philosophy- I understand that consistency is key to ensuring brand strength, so I’ll work with you to develop a design philosophy that not only looks good, but ties in with the company’s existing corporate identity, design language and brand messaging.



Space Planning and furniture layouts- this is the most important element of the design process. An effective space plan ensures the space is optimally used, while the furniture layout creates efficient business processes, work systems and communication. Through consultations with clients, I ensure that space plans and furniture layouts are designed according to their specific business needs to promote a healthy bottom line.





Product sourcing and furniture selection- from finishes, to objet d’art, to soft furnishing and furniture I work with numerous commercial grade suppliers across the UK to source interior products that are of a high quality, durable and regulation compliant.

Coventry Univeristy Reception area .JPG

Design philosophy / concept 

Furniture layout rendering 

Final installation 

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